Foundation of German Industry for International Cooperation

“The SES has been a valued cooperation partner for the worldwide network of German Chambers of Commerce (AHKs) for decades. All over the world, AHK members and other local companies have benefited from the professional know-how of SES experts.”

Dr Martin Wansleben, CEO of the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK)

Know-how for every industry and sector

The Senior Experten Service (SES) is the leading German volunteer placement organisation for retired skilled and management professionals. It provides expert knowledge in the fields of skilled trades and technology, commerce and sales, education and training, administration and science, health and social services. Fast, cost-effective, practical advice – individually tailored – delivered directly to you.
If you outline your requirements to us, the SES will find specialists in its pool of experts who can help. SES assignments last four to six weeks on average, and may run up to a maximum of six months. Click here to request an expert.

Strengthening competences

The SES has been exporting professional knowledge and experience worldwide since 1983. With over 30,000 voluntary expert assignments in Germany and abroad to date, SES is the first point of call for anyone wishing to take up the offer of know-how Made in Germany.

The SES is supported by more than 10,000 experts representing over 50 branches of industry. As competent advisors for enterprises in all sectors, they help find solutions to technical, economic or organisational problems, and support in-house training and training for young experts based on the German model of dual vocational training. The SES is backed by the leading associations of German industry; its major source of funding is the German Government.

Low costs – put to good effect!

Even voluntary support involves costs. Over 90% of all SES assignments achieve the desired result. Please note that many SES assignments can be supported using public funds. This reduces your expenditure to meeting the costs incurred locally. Click here to find out more about our conditions.

Contacts in your region

150 representatives in 80 countries are on hand to help with requesting an expert. Click here to find your nearest representative.


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